By Michael McOwen | Wednesday, April 29, 2015
LegaSea Outer Banks, Join Us For Our First Meeting Since 1992!
LegaSea is back at it and looking forward to joining together with our fabulous Outer Banks community to share knowledge, ideas and put words to actions that prevent drilling off our beautiful shores.
We'll begin with a brief discussion about LegaSea, our values and approaches, and time for questions and discussion. There will also be time for membership signup and a chance to volunteer for specific roles and projects.  
If you are interested in volunteering, click the link near the bottom of the page and sign up and share your interests, skills and availability.
Key Presentations for the Night:
"WHAT MAKES CARS GO?" Michael Egan, a retired offshore oilfield worker, will give a presentation on the risks and benefits of drilling into the sea floor for oil and natural gas.  
"I NEED TO CHARGE MY CELL PHONE" Oceana Lamberto, a former operations manager for SolarCity Corporation, will give a presentation on the risks and benefits of producing electricity from solar energy resources.
A 15 minute question and answer period will follow the presentations. 
See you there!